21 Days to Money Mastery

The Money Kickstarter

21 Days to Money Mastery - The Money Kickstarter

Want to know how money works without needing a financial degree?


Want simple explanations of the key fundamentals of money?


Do you want easy to understand and complete actions to grow your money?


If you have always wanted to have more money and not known where to start or how to understand all the money jargon, then this eBook is for you.


21 Days to Money Mastery is perfect if you want to know more about how money works, how to have more of it and how to take control of your financial future.


You get instant access to the 100 page eBook that is broken down into 21 daily sections. Each day is designed to explain an element of how money works and some even have simple actions you can take that day to move your money story forward.


And remember, it is all explained in a simple to understand way to avoid the financial jargon overwhelm.

Buy the 21 Days to Money Mastery for yourself or as a gift for a family member who wants to have more money. This is the perfect and easiest way to get started.


Who says money has to be difficult? The sooner you master money the sooner you can be growing your wealth for a secure financial future, achieving your money goals and living the life you always dream about...


Inside the 21 Days to Money Mastery you will find:

  • How to set up and get excited about mastering money
  • How to get clear about what you want and where you are going
  • How to become a wealth leader
  • How to make space for your dreams
  • Daily lessons and action plans, and
  • How to master money without needing fancy financial jargon or prior financial experience.




When you purchase your eBook, you will be able to access it immediately using the personal link that will be emailed to you.


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