7 Steps to Invest Like The Wealthy

Be Debt Free, Have Security and The Freedom To Do What You Want,

because there has never been a better time to get wealthy!  

  • Wednesday, 20th May,  at 7:00 pm (Sydney Time)

Learn What The Wealthy Know And Do In The Masterclass

Take charge of your money and grow your wealth, no matter your starting circumstances.

  • How you can be free of money stress without having to give up your lifestyle

    This one thing will help you overcome money stress, create a plan for your money and on the path to financial freedom.

  • How to build a secure financial future without needing a financial degree or advisor

    Learn what you can do to Invest Like the Wealthy, without the need for an expensive financial advisor or financial degree.

  • Where to get started with managing your money and investing

    One of the most common questions I am asked is 'How do I get started?'. I will reveal exactly where to start and what to do to overcome the financial jargon and technology resources to make it simple for you to grow your wealth.

  • What assets to accumulate and when

    The other most common question asked is 'What investments should I buy?'. I will reveal what you should be buying and when you should be buying them... and right now there is a great window of opportunity for a certain asset class.

Money may not be everything...

but try having the lifestyle you want without it


This is 20 years of research, study and practical implementation of what it takes to be wealthy.


Be inspired to grow your wealth

Learn exactly what it takes

Transform what you think about money and how to have more of it.

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What Others are Saying...

This is a selection of feedback I have received from people attending the masterclass.

  • "Thank you for the Investing Bootcamp, it has given me the confidence to have a go."

    David C | Australia

  • "OMG So excited. Sleep will be a challenge tonight. I am super pumped to be on your team Andrew! Awesome sh$t will be coming with you educating me financially! Oh thank you thank you thank you."

    Catherine C | Australia

  • "Just love your simple straight forward examples and approach! You can be happy knowing you've helped spark a light for this Kiwi couple (and no doubt lots more)"

    Kelly B | New Zealand

  • "Thank you very much for your ideas, I definitely will be taking the actions and steps you revealed to improve my financial circumstances. Your input and the fact you took the time to help me is very appreciated."

    Daniel B | Australia